131. 37th Annual Nihonmachi Street Fair

August 10, 2010

photo credit: enersauce

This Saturday and Sunday in Japantown will play host to the 37th Annual Nihonmachi Street Fair.

Lots of great food and entertainment in celebration of the diverse comunities of Asian and Pan-Pacific cultures around the Bay Area.

More about the who event from their site:

37 years ago 3 young community activitist, Steve Nakajo, Ron and Kenny Kanzaki saw the changes taking place in Jtown, a new trade center was being built, families and businesses were being diplaced. The Jtown they knew was being demolished. They knew something needed to be done…

The first Nihonmachi Street Fair on May 19, 1973, was a meeting ground for Asian American youths. The anti-establishment movement, Malcom X’s birthday celebration, and the sprouting seeds of a revolution filled the air. Asian activists along with their community minded family and friends took to the streets of Jtown, bringing purpose to the first Nihonmachi Street Fair. A Fair unlike any other…organized and run by Asian Pacific American youths.

With only four organization booths and headline entertainment featuring the world renowned San Francisco Taiko Dojo, Lady Red, Approaching Storm, and Azteca. It drew an unexpected number of people – diverse like the city and from every age group.

Today, JapanTown as well as other Asian /Pacific American communities continue to face changes. Our voices may be heard, but we’re still struggling with some of the same issues that faced our communities 37 years ago [...]

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