137. The San Francisco Street Food Festival

August 16, 2010

photo credit: greenkozi

Mobile food vending is a phenomenon sweeping throughout cities around the nation.

SF foodies have been totally hip to this and with events like Off The Grid happening as well as food carts popping up around the city.

Coming this weekend you will get the chance to try out all kinds of tastes at The 2nd Annual SF Street Food Festival.

More good stuff from the SFFF site:

The San Francisco Street Food Festival is an event hosted by La Cocina that advocates for the creation of policies that support the formalization of mobile food vending in San Francisco.

Policies as they exist today are discouraging and create barriers rather than opportunities for the creation of viable businesses and jobs for San Franciscans. Street food has the power to bring communities casual, affordable, delicious foods made by food entrepreneurs who reflect San Francisco’s diverse population. Policies that support the formalization of mobile vending will work to connect communities throughout San Francisco’s spectrum of class and culture to the everyday food that we all eat and love [...]

August 21st from 11am-7pm in The Mission. YUM! :)

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What is your favorite thing to do in San Francisco?

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