194. 7th Annual San Francisco Trolley Dances

October 12, 2010

photo credit: apasciuto

This event comes to us direct on our Create one of 365 page from Roche Janken.

Roche says:

so cool!
for $2 muni fare you get to ride around the city and watch several site specific dance pieces. there are incredibly talented dancers doing smart choreography.

It’s the 7th Annual San Francisco Trolley Dances.

Free (with a MUNI Fast Pass or regular fare)

Saturday and Sunday, October 16-17, 2010

More from the event’s website:

SF Trolley Dances was recently awarded Best Public-Transit Ballet by SF Weekly’s 2010 Best of Awards. This year’s performers include the internationally renowned Joe Goode Performance Group; award-winning choreographer and director Sara Shelton Mann; Kim Epifano’s Epiphany Productions Sonic Dance Theater, curating the festival and presenting a new site-specific work; Japanese folk dance and music ensemble Ensohza Minyoshu; Christine Bonansea 2×3 Project; Sunset Chinese Folk Dance Group, with other participants to be announced.

A beloved San Francisco event since 2004, San Francisco Trolley Dances takes audiences out of the theater and into the streets to see the Bay Area’s finest dance in San Francisco’s finest venue Ð the city itself. Families, dance-lovers, visitors and residents alike are invited to discover and celebrate the city’s colorful neighborhood life, the rich beauty of our urban landscapes and our diverse dance community [...]

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