207. Eli Roth’s 24 Hour Horror Movie Marathon

October 25, 2010

24 hr. Horror Movie Marathon

In the spirit of getting Halloween started at least a day early, here’s another offering for your Saturday night.

Eli Roth’s 24 Hour Horror Movie Marathon

Saturday, October 30th at Noon. Cellspace.

24 hrs of gore is the perfect opportunity to get you right into things for the 31rst and catching some good fright film for benefit works too.

More from the event’s site found here:

Eli on Evil Dead, one of the films featured:

ER: At 6:30, we’re gonna want something to pick the energy up. At 6:30, I would go for Sam Raimi’s original Evil Dead. Low-budget American horror made for $350,000-well, that’s the rumor. Sam Raimi was like 21 when he made it. Bruce Campbell, shot on 16mm. There’s such a wild spirit to this movie right from the opening frame. Anything can happen. It’s got such incredible energy, and it’s so low-budget-but you love it. You could tell they were doing anything, but there are sequences that are so effective. Little weird imagery like the sockets bleeding, and then touching the mirror and having the mirror be water. All this great stuff that was just pure, raw energy and creativity, but it has the energy of a Three Stooges episode. I love it [...]

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