31. Play a Pick Up Game of Soccer

May 2, 2010

Soccer ball in grass

It’s a little under the radar in San Francisco, this whole “soccer thing” :)

Though worth the find if you’re interested in playing a game, one location is not only easy to get to, but pretty easy to find parking as well – Telegraph Field is right ON the Piers 27/29 parking lot.

The field is super sunny and the air quality could not be better.

From their website on Pick-Up Soccer:

We currently play pick-up soccer on Telegraph Field every:

- Tuesday and Thursday at lunch time, from 12-1:30pm.

- Saturday from 2:30-4pm

- Sunday from 8:00-9am

Pick-up is free and open to all men and women of every skill level.

Before playing your first time:

1)  Please register for pick-up online. You’ll receive notices about new pick-up times, cancellations or other related items.

2)  Register for an ID card.

3)  Just drop-in any time [...]

There are other games to be found around the city. One of your best bets online might be to check out Craigslist under Community and search Soccer.

Big thanks to Kathy Kanazawa on our Facebook page for this tip.

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