347. Movie Night for Japan at The Park Chalet

March 15, 2011

photo credit: jchong

By now we’ve all been profoundly touched by the devastation of the Earthquake and Tsunami that effected Japan.

If you’re looking for a way to help, here’s another opportunity to do so by getting out to one of San Francisco’s great seaside sunset spots.

Movie Night for Japan at The Park Chalet

Wednesday, March 16th at 7:30pm

For more details go here:

Donate to the Red Cross for Tsunami relief efforts this Wednesday March 16th at 7:30pm at the Park Chalet and you’ll be rewarded with a special showing of “Spider-Man” movie night happy hour.

The Park Chalet will be matching donations up to a total of $5000.

For more information about how you can get involved go to american.redcross.org


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