350. The Honey Festival by CUESA at The Ferry Building

March 18, 2011

photo credit: Phillie Casablanca

Take it easy and kick off your Mid-March weekend with some tummy rubbing fun at The Ferry Building.

The Honey Festival by CUESA

Saturday, March 19th at 10am

Bring your umbrella for the drizzle and bags for your goodies. Spend the rest of you wet weekend indoors sampling some sweet delectables.

For more information on this event, check out CUESA’s site found here:

Ask the Beekeeper Booth with Helene Marshall

The owner of Marshall’s Farm Natural Honey will be on hand in the CUESA kitchen to answer question about honey production, hives and beekeeping, and the many culinary uses for honey. She’ll also have a sampling (and jars for sale) of a few of her favorite honey varieties for, including SF Fairmont honey, Bay Area blend honey, eucalyptus/acacia honey, orangeblossom honey, blackberry honey, and almond blossom honey [...]


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