354. Lost in The Presidio Hike Adventure

March 22, 2011

photo credit: permanently scatterbrained

We love The Presidio, we really do. There’s far few places as tranquil and fascinating than this all-so-close protected parkland that we San Franciscans can explore so readily.

With that, according to the trusty weather app on the iPhone, this Sunday is shaping up to be Sunny and 57. So go get lost :)

Lost in the Presidio Hike Adventure

Sunday, March 27th at 1pm

More info on this event can be found at Come Hike:

Hike Description:  This will be an experimental hike where we take trails we don’t really know and see if we get lost, and can find our way back. Do not worry! The Presidio is not very big and I know it pretty well. So really, we won’t be very lost. But it will be fun to orient ourselves and see if we can figure out different trails in a somewhat unusual and experimental situation where everyone can contribute. We will meet at the Arguello gate. There is plenty of parking on the streets there.

Recommended Clothing: Layered clothing is probably best. Just keep an eye on the weather forecast.

Recommended Food: I tried to put a page together about hiking food here http://www.comehike.com/outdoors/hiking_food.php is it helpful? Sorry for all the ads :)

Cancellation Condition: Heavy rain cancels the hike

Dogs Allowed: Yes



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