365. 49 Mile Scenic Drive

April 2, 2011

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Yes indeed this is BIG number for 365inSF, which thus far has been an exploration of one thing to do in San Francisco every day of the year.

Sure, there’s been plenty shared here on a daily basis ranging from the spur of the moment to time honored local favs, but for the final 365 we figured why not point out one of the most obvious? :)

We know you’ve seen the signs around town, stored it in the back of your mind, or written it off to be ‘just another roadside distraction’ for tourists. But did you know that the 49 Mile Scenic Drive has been around since 1938? The drive has been changed several times over the years, but the one thing that has always remained is that it fully shows off some of the best sites in San Francisco.

So find any excuse you want. Don’t wait until you have friends or family in town to do it. Take the top down on the covertable or grab a Zipcar for the day, and Drive.

49 Mile Scenic Drive (see map below)

Here are some interesting points along the drive that we have already touched on:

Civic Center

Asian Art Museum, SFMOMA, Legion of Honor, and de Young Museum

The Presidio

Great Highway

Golden Gate Park

Twin Peaks

The SF Giant’s AT&T Park

But it doesn’t end here. This is new beginning. If you’ve enjoyed what we’ve started here, you’re in for a real treat going forward – Stay tuned for news on that. We’re taking a little time to recreate the format, change it up a bit, and offer better content for your outings in the greatest city in the world.

Thanks to everyone who subscribed, participated, friended on Facebook, and helped out along the way of this year long journey. Talk soon :)

We LOVE you, San Francisco!

View 49 Mile Scenic Drive in a larger map

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What is your favorite thing to do in San Francisco?

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Alina Noval August 10, 2011 at 8:52 pm

There are many things we loved in San Francisco, its unfair to name one. I know our son loved visiting Alcatraz. i loved walking into all the bookstores and to see the beautiful flowers growing so large. Riding the street cars and Lumeberg street was also a favorite. lastly all the restaurants in the Italian or Chinese section are priced moderately and good tasting, we did take the scenic tourand a bus tour of the city to Carmel and Monterey

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