4. Get a massage in Japantown

April 5, 2010

Japantown Peace Pagoda

There are two proven methods of reducing stress that I know of. One is easy parking in San Francisco. And the other is a good massage. Japantown has no shortage of either one of these enjoyments.

With plenty of good food around, this turns into a great opportunity to take an afternoon vacation real quickly. Pull into one of the parking garages in Japantown and just wander. With some of the smaller massage establishments you can just show up unannounced. I’ve had both good and average experiences with some of the smaller houses. Kabuki, used to be my standard go to back in the day. It seems they have become a little more expensive and harder to book these days though.

Below is a map of a few places to choose from.

View Massage in Japantown, San Francisco in a larger map

After your massage, you’ll be in no shape to do anything but chill. Grab some Soba Noodles or check out the revived Sundance Kabuki Cinema for a film. The place is no real plush. Where else can you find a Hawaiian Bistro and Indie Film in the same building?

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What is your favorite thing to do in San Francisco?

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