53. Salsa Dancing at El Valenciano

May 24, 2010

photo credit: mmultipass

This entry come courtesy of Laura Castro via our Create 1 of 365 submission page.

Laura says: My favorite bay area salsa dance place for lessons and dancing is El Valenciano at 1153 Valencia St. They have salsa dance lessons every Thursday from 7:00pm – 9:00pm with a great, fun, patient, and nice teacher Mikko Kemppe and afterwords they have free social dancing often with some great, but down-to-earth dancers.

What makes it also a really nice experience is the venue, the historic El Valenciano Spanish cuisine, as it is big enough for some great dancing, but small enough to make it feel really intimate for friendly environment. http://www.salsaadventures.com

Thanks Laura! Sounds fun.

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