96. Take Part in the Superhero Street Fair

July 6, 2010

Superhero Street Fair

This just about slipped under our radar and we wonder why. Hmmn….

Not your average everyday Street Fair, this is the 2nd annual Super Hero Street Fair in San Francisco.

The Fair lands in San Francisco on Saturday July 10, 2010 from Noon to Midnight on Indiana St. in Dogpatch.

More from the event’s site:

The Superhero Street Fair lands in San Francisco on Saturday July 10, 2010 to
honor extraordinary people in our community and to celebrate the “SuperHero”
within all of us, from Noon til Midnight along the beautiful Islais Creek Promenade
on the southern edge of the emerging Dogpatch neighborhood. The fair will host
an amazing array of music and art from some of the Bay Area’s most talented
and creative superheroes [...]

How have YOU used your extraordinary power and abilities to help your community and those around you? The Superhero Street Fair is a unique opportunity to reveal your hidden talents and rise to level of superhero. Superhero costumes are strongly encouraged, and we have many activities for attendees to indulge in, including video jockey displays, the Everest climbing wall (a climbing open to all participants), numerous varied and unusual vendors, and food for all.

The fair’s location has never been used for public events before SuperHero. Islais Creek Promenade is along a stretch of water just off the Bay near 3rd Street and Cesar Chavez. The location is close to public transportation and there is plenty of parking nearby. The organizers of this event have cleaned up this area before, and continue to do so both prior and after the event in order to leave it in far better condition than it was found. It is looking cleaner than ever, thanks in large part to the hard working staff behind the SuperHero Street Fair [...]

This is a donation event -

$10 in SuperHero costume, $20 in Clark Kent

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