17. See a classic film at the Historic Castro Theatre

April 18, 2010

photo credit: Steve Rhodes on flickr

If you’ve not been to The Castro to see a film yet, you’re missing out. Big time! Not long ago the city had plenty of smaller movie houses which ran one or two films at a time, were found in most every neighborhood, and had a unique local feel to each and every one of them. Well, then came the dot bomb, the progress of technology, the Netflix, the Hulu et al and now they can be found only few and far between.

The Historic Castro Theatre has been through it all. A permanent fixture the theater was built New at it’s current address of 429 Castro after moving from it’s original address just a block away for the 12 years prior. Standing the test of time and running mainstream cinema for a number of years the theater garnered Historical Landmark Status in 1976.

Known for it’s grand architecture and interior design, for years The Castro Theatre has been host to many events and cultural Film Festivals. Most recently in 2008 with the premiere of Milk. One thing that everyone is sure to remember is the old time movie extravaganza feel complete with the Wurlitzer Pipe Organ which is played before the start of a film. Head all the way up on Market, make a left on to Castro and you’re sure to see it’s big red neon Castro sign.

Here’s a couple of  reasons to put it on your list of ‘Things To Do” in the near future:

Thursday, April 22nd  Kicks off The 53rd Annual San Francisco International Film Festival

As a child, Bazil lost his father to a land mine. Years later, a stray bullet leaves him jobless, homeless and—as it’s still lodged in his skull—in precarious health. After an eccentric band of junk dealers rescue him from the Paris streets, Bazil enlists their help in a wacky, byzantine conspiracy to extract revenge from the weapons manufacturers he blames for the violence that has infected his life. The latest whimsical creation from director Jean-Pierre Jeunet—the endlessly inventive mind behind Delicatessen, Amélie and A Very Long Engagement—is a David-and-Goliath story that employs humor and a deceptively buoyant tone to confront a corporate mentality that has no qualms about selling mayhem and death [...] more on the SFIFF site.

Friday, April 23rd-29th Kubrick (12 Films)

Stanley Kubrick’s filmmaking approach was perfection; in story, suspense, satire, special effects, sound design, and often a searing reveal of the human condition. No other filmmaker has earned a greater collective public anticipation with each successive work. Spending years in intense research and many months in meticulous production, his films remain testaments to his obsessive commitment to excellence [...] more about films and schedule here.

Special thanks to Christian Canterbury for the post idea from our Facebook Page.

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