84. The 2010 San Francisco Dyke March

June 24, 2010

photo credit: celesteh

This weekend the big event in the City is of course the 40th Annual San Francisco LBGT Pride Celebration.

This of course means that it’s Pride Week with all kinds of events going on around the city. Here’s one that’s happening this Saturday in Dolores Park.

The 2010 Dyke March

More about the history of this event from their site:

On April 24, 1993, a group of San Francisco lesbians joined the Lesbian Avengers, Queer Nation, and the National ACT UP Women’s Committee in calling for a Dyke March the night before an NGLTF-sponsored National March on Washington for lesbian and gay rights. More than 20,000 lesbians marched! Soon women formed Dyke Marches in towns and cities across the country, in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Montreal. 10,000 dykes marched in the first San Francisco Dyke March in 1993. Eighteen years later, 50,000 people attended the San Francisco Dyke March rally and march, the world’s largest dyke march! Now the Dyke March has become an annual event in many cities, usually the night before the local LGTBQ Pride march [...]

… and the 2010 Mission Statement

The San Francisco Dyke March believes in the importance of being visible, even if for some that means one single day of celebration with friends in the open air. Our rally showcases our community’s outstanding artists, critical thinkers, and political activists. The thousands who attend are from all classes, nationalities, and countries. We are intergenerational and varied in our physical conditions. Coming together in this way, we truly embrace the reality that we are without borders—both national and cultural. The strength we gather from this day comes with a message advocating justice for all dykes against the varied oppressions we face in our particular lives everywhere in the world and the message that we are not alone in our struggles or our joys. The SF Dyke March and rally are about claiming our space, being visible in that space, and going into our daily lives expecting and receiving the respect we deserve.

Complete details can be found at the Dyke March.

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